House damaged, flash flood due to downpour in Perak town


BERUAS - A house at Kampung Sungai Batu in Pantai Remis, near here, was damaged by a fallen tree during a downpour on Wednesday.

The heavy rainfall at 6pm had caused some soil erosion, downing trees in the area.

A state Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said no one was injured during the incident.

The spokesman said the downpour had also caused a flash flood in the area and about 29 families had been evacuated from their homes.

"The water level rose to about 0.9m high.

"Some 48 flood victims from 23 families have been moved to the village's community hall," he said.

"About six families with 21 people affected by the landslide, including the owner of the house that was damaged by a tree, has been moved to the Kampung Tebuk Yan 2 community hall nearby," he added.