Hundreds of indigenous people still cut off from flood relief efforts

Hundreds of indigenous people in at least eight villages are still cut off from the outside world after floods hit their settlement in Kuala Betis, Gua Musang, said MCA Crisis Relief Squad (CRSM) national chief Lua Choon Hann.

He said it had been almost three weeks since the floods hit them and he was worried that they were running out of food by now.

Lua said the villages were among 20 with some 2,000 people from 500 families.

"It would take about three days for villagers (from the eight villages) to walk to a temporary station set up by an NGO in Kuala Betis, where food is stored for them.

"However, the villagers need to find their way out because the place is very hilly and muddy after the floods subsided.

"We (CRSM) with the help of the NGO only managed to reach 12 of the villages.

"Only two of our four vehicles were able to move up because the area is too hilly," he told The Star of their mission to help the villagers.

Lua said CRSM would visit the place again next week.