I-rat-e moviegoer goes viral with rodent attack experience in Sabah cinema

PETALNG JAYA: A cinema outlet in Kota Kinabalu has apologised over an incident where a patron was 'attacked by a rat' while watching a movie.

Growball Cinemax, in a statement posted on its Facebook page, noted that it is carrying out on-going cleaning and upgrading works for its theatre halls.

"We would like to apologise for the viral incident. We hope that you would be able to be patient and allow time for these processes to go through," it said.

Growball also said it would compensate and personally apologise to the customer involved in the viral video.

"We would like to thank our costumers for their views, advice and comments as we review these in an effort to enhance our cinema," it added.

Photo: Facebook 

Over the weekend, a Sabahan who goes by the pseudonym Hyim A Ny on Facebook posted on his feed that he was 'attacked three times' by a rat while watching a two-hour movie in the entertainment outlet in Kota Kinabalu.

"Tikus apa ni mau dihalau pun tidak mau lari. (What a rat, it does not run even when it is chased away)," he wrote.

He included a picture and a short video clip of the rat moving near his drink in the cinema.

Hyim also claimed that the cinema hall smelt bad.

"Please take care of the cleanliness here," he wrote.

His post received more than 1,000 Likes and was shared over 5,000 times on Facebook.

The Star has made attempts to contact Hyim on the matter but failed to reach him.