"I thought I was going to die": Malaysian mother who survived landslide


KARAK - "I thought I was going to die," recalled mother of three Zulafida Zainal.

"There was a loud crack and the next thing I knew, there were boulders, trees and mud rolling down the hill towards my house.

"I quickly grabbed my baby boy and ran from our house. I didn't even have time to put on my sandals," said Zulafida, who recently gave birth to her 16-day-old son Muhammad Rayyan Mikhael by Caesarean section.

The 36-year-old Zulafida was relating the fear and terror she felt when the landslide at Karak highway occurred behind her house on Wednesday.

She added that she also tripped and fell in the mud with her baby as she and her husband tried to save themselves.

"Rayyan was drenched and shi­vering from the cold as it was raining, but he did not cry," she said, adding that she had entirely forgotten about her operation wound due to the adrenaline rush.

"Only now am I feeling the pain of the stitches and it hurts really bad," said Zulafida while holding her abdomen.

A total of 73 victims from 14 fa­milies comprising 47 adults, 22 children and an infant from the Pahang forestry department quarters were affected by the mudslide about 2km from the landslide at the 42.4km mark of the Karak highway.

General worker Azril Mustafa, 37, was watching the television with his family when they heard a loud sound from the top of the hill.

"It was terrifying. I do not wish to experience it again in future.

"It gives me chills every time I think of it," said Azril, who has been living in the quarters for about 10 years.

He added that he saw some cars and motorcycles washed away by the mud but was grateful that his family was safe.

Businessman Mohd Asri Mohd Yusuf, 28, whose father works with the state forestry department, said he did not expect it to happen to his family.

"I was having dinner with my friends when I saw the traffic on the highway swell suddenly.

"I rushed home to see the devastation and I am glad that none of my family members was injured," he said.