I want him back, says Vivian of Alvivi

I want him back, says Vivian of Alvivi

MALAYSIA - The deal: The couple earned infamy from the sexual exploits on a blog which went viral two years ago.

Former National University of Singapore scholarship holder Alvin Tan was expelled from the university and stripped of his scholarship.

Vivian Lee has been disowned by her parents and kicked out of the house.

Last January, the duo had their own sex-themed talk show. In July, they were arrested for making a racially insensitive remark on Facebook.

The couple were charged under the Sedition Act, the Film Censorship Act and the Penal Code and face up to RM50,000 (S$19,400) in fines, five years' jail, or both, if convicted.

The trial, which was to have begun on Tuesday, has been postponed to Feb 28.

But earlier this month, the pair got into an online squabble, with Tan claiming that he caught Lee having sex with their friend on Dec 28.

They then broke up.

Cheating on Tan, said Lee, 24, is her only regret. Now, she desperately wants him back.


"I still love him. We are taking time off from each other," she said, speaking to The New Paper from Kuala Lumpur.

Of her love for him, she said: "I'm not sexually exclusive to Alvin, but I'm emotionally exclusive to him."

But when asked about the kind of relationship the pair share, she struggled to find an answer.

"We are boyfriend-girlfriend, just not in a conventional way," she said.

"Alvin is not the kind who will express his feelings, but his actions show that he loves and cares for me," she said, asserting that she made her own decisions.

She said of the couple's many bold and controversial acts: "It was mutual and consensual.

"I don't regret it, because I was going through this with someone I love."

On the possibility of being jailed for up to five years, she said: "It's natural to be worried, but I don't see the point of it. I'm trying to find a solution instead."

Tan, on the other hand, seems to think his life can't get any better.

"I enjoy being the subject of gossip, lah," the 25-year-old Malaysian said in a phone interview from Kuala Lumpur.



The self-proclaimed aspiring porn star claimed that he was organising sex parties just before the couple were arrested.

Is the break-up another publicity stunt? Tan told The New Paper that their break-up was "real".

"Some things are hard to define, but I would consider Vivian as a super-close friend with benefits.

"I'm uncomfortable with the label of girlfriend, because this means it is long term and possibly leading to marriage.

"I could never see that with her, or any girl."

The couple were cohabiting at Tan's apartment and a friend's place after Lee was thrown out of her home in Johor in 2012.

However, she eventually moved out because they both needed some space.

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