I'm the real victim, says woman

KUALA LUMPUR - The woman who was accused of assaulting her husband and mother-in-law has denied hitting them, alleging that she was the victim instead.

Chin Siau Lan, 31, claimed she was the one slashed with a machete by her husband during a commotion between the three of them. She received 17 stitches.

She said she was slashed on her arm, fingers and ear by her husband at their condominium in Bandar Baru Klang on Aug 6.

"Their claims that they were victimised and that I hit them with a metal spatula are untrue," she said at a press conference here yesterday.

Last week, Liew Pang @ Low Pang, 37, and Lim Kae Poh, 67, told reporters they were attacked by Chin with a metal spatula and needed to be stitched up. The mother and son claimed that they were attacked during a fight over joss paper.

According to Chin, the drama unfolded when her husband got home at 10.30am after gambling with his friends in Genting High­lands. Chin, who could not tolerate her husband's gambling activities, confronted him, which led to a huge argument and the mother intervening.

"When my mother-in-law interfered, I asked about the joss paper I kept on the table and that triggered her anger," Chin said.

She said her husband then took out a machete and slashed her.

Chin alleged that she had been abused since she got married in a traditional Chinese ceremony two years ago. They are not married legally as Liew has yet to divorce his first wife, with whom he has three kids.

She also refuted claims that she had abused the children, pointing out that they lived with their mother.

Chin, who was shocked to see the photographs of Liew and Lim in the newspapers with bruises and wounds, claimed they were not bleeding on the day of the incident.

MCA Public Services and Com­plaints Depart­ment head Datuk Michael Chong said he had met Selangor acting police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk A. Thaiveegan personally on the matter.

Liew, when contacted, stressed that he and his mother were innocent. He, however, declined to elaborate, saying they had lodged numerous police reports pertaining to their family dispute.