Inheritance dispute leads to Malaysian couple's stabbing, suspect later found dead inside car

PHOTO: Unsplash

HULU SELANGOR - An apparent dispute over inheritance has led to the stabbing of a couple.

While the couple survived the attack, the suspect was later found dead inside a car that had plunged over a cliff edge.

"On May 21 at 7.56am, a complainant told the police that a man and a woman were found stabbed outside the Gurdwara Sahib in Kampung Chuang Rasa.

"Witnesses said that a man in a black car had crashed the duo with his car. He was also seen stabbing the two victims.

"Preliminary investigations showed that the suspect is the brother of one of the victims," said Hulu Selangor OCPD Supt Arshad Kamaruddin in a statement Thursday (May 21) night.

A machete was also found at a sidewalk along Pekan Rasa. Fingerprints were found on the weapon.

However, at around 1.10pm, the suspect's car was found at the Antara Gapi lombong.

"Half of the car was flooded while the driver's car door was opened. A body was found floating near the car.

"Checks on the body showed no signs of injuries or criminal elements.

"The police believe that the two incidents are related. The motive of the attack has been established as due to a dispute over inheritance," he said.

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He added that the two victims, aged 56 and 65, were in a stable condition.

The death of the suspect, the brother of the male victim, is still under investigation and has been classified as a sudden death.

Those with information on the case are urged to contact the police.