Iskandar Malaysia's logo, name misused

JOHOR BARU - Iskandar Malaysia's iconic name, associated with the southern economic corridor, has been misused by some out to make a profit.

It has become so rampant that Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda) had to copyright its logo and name as an intellectual property recently.

According to a source from Irda, checks showed that many, in particular the local property sector, were cashing in on the name and logo to attract clients coming to the economic region.

Irda's logo and name have been found to be used in billboards, buntings, backdrops, brochures and advertisement in newspapers and periodicals.

"We certainly want to make Iskandar Malaysia known to the world. However, they are using Irda's name and logo in a way that gives the impression that we support their projects or even have a share in them.

"This is wrong and unfair to other developers who do not subscribe to such a practice.

"Not only that, in the event something untoward were to occur to their projects, we do not want to share the blame," said the source.

Following the copyright registration, Irda has advertised in all major dailies to inform the public about the matter and warn of stern action should there be any more illegal use of Irda's name and logo.

The copyright registration was done with the intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia and is valid until July 2018.

The source said Irda would not take any action until December against violators, but merely educate them before enforcement began next year.

"Surprisingly, not only small-time developers have been found using our logo and the name illegally but also big-timers.

"They must have faith in their products and services, and should not be misusing our logo and name," the source said.