Jail term of mum who threw out baby reduced to 5 years

SHAH ALAM - An unwed mother, jailed for 12 years for throwing her newborn baby girl out of a window two years ago, had her sentence reduced to five years by the High Court yesterday.

Judge Datuk Ahmadi Asnawi said he agreed with the appellant's submission and allowed the appeal of Noor Atika Kamarolzaman, 20, against the sentence imposed by the Selayang Sessions Court.

Noor Atika, who was not represented at the original proceedings, was represented by lawyer Ravin Singh in her appeal.

In his submission, Ravin said Noor Atika was 18 years old when the incident happened and had studied only up till she was 16.

He added that research had shown that women who lacked knowledge or education were eight times more likely to commit such offences.

In making his decision, Ahmadi took into account the fact that Noor Atika had been suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder at the time of the crime.

"I agree that the sentence of 12 years is excessive. So after reviewing the case, I am allowing the sentence to be reduced to five years."

Nor Atika had pleaded guilty in the Sessions Court on Jan 12 last year to causing the death of her child at Taman Selayang Segar 2, Gombak, between 3.30am and 7.15am on Oct 3, 2011.