Jealous wife hacks husband

MALAYSIA - A man asked his wife if she would like to have roti canai for breakfast. She responded by hacking him on his head with a parang.

Following the incident at an oil palm estate near Segamat on Sunday, the 57-year-old man, known only as Azmi, received 23 stitches on his head and six others on his back.

Azmi said he had asked his wife to have breakfast with him but she did not reply.

"She kept quiet and went to the kitchen. She suddenly returned with a parang in her hand and started to hack me on my head and back," he said.

Azmi, an estate worker, said he grabbed the parang from his wife and ran for his life.

He was then taken to the Segamat Hospital by a neighbour.

"My wife is very bad-tempered and gets jealous easily. She once jumped out of the car while I was driving because we had a small argument. She injured her knee in the incident," he said in a report in Harian Metro.

According to sources, the woman reacted that way after she discovered that her husband was having an affair.

The couple has been married for 35 years and have seven children and one grandchild.