Jewellery outlet robbed by its security guard

KUALA LUMPUR - They were getting ready for the day's business like any other morning when they found themselves facing the barrel of a pistol.

Pointing the pistol at the employees of a jewellery outlet at the KL Festival City Mall in Setapak was their own security guard.

He told the stunned employees to keep quiet while he took a tray of 100 gold chains before fleeing on foot at about 9.30am.

His MyKad identifies him as a Sabahan, but it is believed to be a fake. The 23-year-old man, whom the employees knew as "Hikman", had been working at the outlet for less than two months.

Twenty-six-year-old sales assistant Tan Sheu Yan said: "He was sitting near the entrance of the shop where he usually sat, facing outside while we were getting ready for business. All of a sudden, he turned and pointed a pistol at us.

"He asked us to keep quiet and said he wanted to take some of the jewellery."

Branch manager Robert Lourdusamy said the jewellery was being put in the glass counters after the morning inventory when the guard pulled out his gun and pointed it at his chest.

"He said he wanted some of the jewellery. I thought he was joking as he was a friendly guy and was never fierce," Robert said. "When he grabbed the jewellery, I knew he meant what he said. Before I knew it, he had taken the tray and was gone. It all happened in two minutes."

Despite repeated requests, the suspect had not produced his identification card, Robert recalled.

"Yesterday (Wednesday), he showed me a copy of his IC. It looked exactly like any other, but it was soft and felt as if it was a piece of cardboard," Robert said.

"I told him that he would have to show his original IC today (Thursday) as we had to make a punch card for him."

City deputy CID chief Asst Comm Khairi Ahrasa said police were checking if the pistol used in the robbery was issued to him by his security firm or was privately owned.

The firm that hired the guard said the suspect was a Sabahan, but declined to comment on whether any vetting had been done or even if he was licensed to carry firearms.