Johor Sultan has breakfast, treats patrons at coffee shop

Patrons of a coffee shop in Muar, Johor were pleasantly surprised when Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar made an appearance there on Friday (Dec 18) morning.

According to New Straits Times, he greeted diners and invited them to breakfast.

The Sultan had ordered crispy roti prata (roti canai garing), samosa with mutton curry and a teh tarik for his meal, and spent about 40 minutes conversing and posing for photographs with his fellow diners.

He had visited another eatery the day before and dispensed with propriety by dining with his subjects at the same table.

The royal also gave a treat to the customers at the restaurant and paid the owner to serve free food to the other patrons for the rest of the day, the New Straits Times reported.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Sultan shared photos of his visits, which has received over 284,000 'likes' and close to 2,200 comments as of Sunday afternoon.

Some Malaysians have also taken to social media to express their appreciation of the Sultan's approachability and generosity.

Facebook user Azira Fadzil said that although she is not from Johor, she "felt proud that the state has a ruler like Sultan Ibrahim", and hopes that she will get to meet him when she goes to Johor next month.

Facebook user Fazidah Husin commented: "Tuanku's action and character alone makes me want to be a Johorean, as the ruler clearly has the rakyat in his heart. I pray for the Sultan and the Permaisuri Johor to have good health."


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Posted by Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar on Thursday, December 17, 2015