Johor's Tunku Mahkota: My hair is my business

Get out of my hair: Tunku Mahkota with his recent hairdo.
The Star

PETALING JAYA - Declaring "it's my business to colour my hair blue or red", Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim turned brickbats into bouquets for just being himself.

Netizens have taken to The Star Online's Facebook page to back the Johor Tunku Mahkota for being bold and brave for turning blond, after some quarters criticised him in social media.

"Looking nice! What's wrong? This is his hair, his freedom to choose what he wants! Not you," Bright Christopher wrote.

"Tuanku, you look stylo-mylo. Like what you said, the best business is to mind your own business. Who cares about the colour of your hair as long as your heart is pure," wrote Walter Tan.

"Geez. Chill lar. First HRH's sister gets bashed for not wearing a tudung. Then he gets bashed for colouring his hair. What century are we living in!" asked Mindy Chin.

Some even praised Tunku Ismail for looking better.

"Tuanku, you do look so handsome with your blonde hair, suits you better than black hair," said Jane Ha.

Reacting to the earlier negative comments, Tunku Ismail showed his nonchalance in a Johor Southern Tigers Facebook post on Monday night.

The post outlined his banter with a journalist, centring around the mixed reactions to his newly-dyed hair.

"It's my hair. I just did it for fun. If tomorrow I choose to colour it blue or red or shave my head that's my business!" Tunku Ismail told the journalist.

"Plus it's not going to be like this forever. It's going to be black again soon, so I don't care what people have to say. Only God can judge me," he added, before coming out with the punchline: "The best business in the world is to mind your own business".