Joy in Bangsar neighbourhood as Baby Freddie returns home

Sarah Joseph with her son Freddie who was found at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.

KUALA LUMPUR: Baby Freddie finally arrives home at 2.42pm after almost 18 hours of being kidnapped.

Neighbours gathered in front of the double storey house of Freddie who was kidnapped on Friday night.

Upon the arrival of the family at the house in Bangsar, neighbours were seen greeting the family with tears of joy and hugs.

A neighbour who lives three houses away said that the mother was seen screaming frantically and walking up and down the street in a state of stupor during the kidnapping.

"Both her arms were bleeding as the attackers had cut her while trying to get the child.

"She, however, just said she couldn't care less and just wanted her child back as life would be meaningless without him," said the neighbour.

Prior to the arrival of the family, the house was clearly seen abandoned by the family upon hearing the news of their son being found at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, on Saturday.

Initially, there were three police cars and 9 officers guarding the house and patrolling the roads.

At approximately 1.30pm, it was confirmed that the baby had been found and neighbours shared their relief upon hearing the news.