Kelantan plans to ban unmarried people from riding motorcycle together

KOTA BARU - Kelantan is taking steps to stop Muslims from loitering at public places ­during prayer times and disallow unmarried men and women from riding motorcycles together.

PAS party organ Harakah daily reported that Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob as saying that the by-laws would be tightened to stop these activities which were deemed unIslamic.

"Although the problem of youths loitering at public places is not rampant, we need to tighten the laws to nip the problem in the bud. This is in line with the inception of the Islamic Development Department at the Kota Baru Municipal Council to monitor unhealthy activities among Muslim youths," he said after chairing the state executive council meeting on Wednesday.

He said a plan was also afoot to set up a similar department in all local governments in the state by the end of the year.

Ahmad, who is also PAS deputy spiritual adviser, said the Government was also concerned that unmarried youths were riding on motor­cycles in pairs.

He said the local councils had been directed to study measures to make it an offence for unmarried people to ride on a motorcycle.

"It is a trend that unmarried young couples are travelling on motorcycles and this is the sort of activities that we need to curb," he said.

The Kota Baru Municipal Council started introducing stricter rulings for the public in 2010 with the implementation of separate supermarket counters for men and women.

In 2014, the council announced that it would enforce an Islamic dress code on those in business, whereby women traders and workers who did not cover their hair and wore tight-fitting outfits would be liable to a fine of up to RM500 (S$168).

The ruling applies to Muslim women working in wet markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, food outlets and all other commercial centres that require operating licences from the local authorities.

Non-Muslim business operators also risk being fined if their Muslim employees did not abide by the dress code.