Kick to the groin stops motorcyclist's rape bid

An Indonesian woman kicked a man's private parts when he tried to rape her near an overhead bridge in Puchong, reported China Press.

The 32-year-old woman fled, leaving the man grimacing in pain.

Earlier, the man assaulted the woman with a helmet when she refused to give in to his demands in the 3pm incident on Monday.

The woman, known only as Yusna, suffered injuries on her face, head and hands.

Yusna said she was waiting for a bus when the man, whom she des­cribed as good-looking, rode up on a motorcycle and offered her a ride.

Since the bus was not in sight, she decided to take up the offer but he took her in the opposite direction instead of sending her home.

She was then brought to a secluded spot near the overhead bridge.

According to the daily, Yusna thought the man wanted to rob her and she quickly gave him her watch and jewellery. But the man then tried to force himself on her.