Killer: I am 'doing my duty'

KUALA LUMPUR - The cigarette delivery man drove his Rambo knife into the shop assistant's abdomen and told her: "I am only performing my duty."

A shocked Sulianti Johari, 31, said the suspect then calmly walked to his van, smiling and waving, before driving off from the Gombak LRT station.

She knew the man well as he had delivered goods to the shop often.

"We never had any arguments or disagreements.

"He was usually friendly with me. I thought of him as a younger brother," she said after undergoing surgery for the stab wound on the lower part of her abdomen here yesterday.

Earlier, the suspect, was said to be looking like a man possessed.

Sundry shop owner Lau Siew Ling, 49, said she knew the suspect as he delivered cigarettes to her shop often but this time around, he was looking like a man possessed.

"He looked different," she said.

"After he stopped his car in front of my shop, he got out holding a knife. He did not say anything to me.

"He just walked towards me and stabbed me," she told reporters when met at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

Lau was accompanied by her husband while waiting for surgery for a stab wound on the left side of her waist.

Her husband, who declined to be named, described the incident as bad luck.

"Fortunately, she survived the attack," he said.

Lau said that after stabbing her, the suspect walked towards Sulianti and stabbed her.

Both women are in stable condition.

A bus driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said the young-looking man had come out smiling and waving before running to his car and driving off slowly.

"I ran up to the worker who was bleeding badly and she pointed to the white van," he said.

He said he urged a guard at the station to shoot at the van.

"I kept shouting at him to do something but he froze and did not dare to do so," he said.

Stopping the suspect at the station, he said, could have saved two people who were later killed by the man.

Meanwhile, a housemate and friend of the suspect was shocked to hear that it was him behind the brutal attacks.

"It is hard to believe because he is a nice guy. He has never caused any problems in the house," he said.

The friend, who has lived together with the suspect in Selayang for six years, went to HKL to see if it he was really behind the attack after he saw the news on Facebook.