Kin of MH17 victims want culprits behind tragedy revealed and brought to justice

PETALING JAYA - Families of the MH17 victims want justice and the culprits behind the tragedy revealed.

An emotional Jijar Singh Sandhu, whose son Sanjid was among the 298 people who perished, said he needed to know who the perpetrators were.

Sanjid, 40, was one of the crew members on board the jetliner, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was brought down over eastern Ukraine on July 17.

"The plane didn't experience technical problems, but they didn't explain who blew the plane up. I pray the culprits will be brought to justice. Somebody must be responsible for this cold-blooded murder," said the 71-year old Jijar.

Amarpal Singh, the son of Karamjit Singh, one of the 43 Malaysians on the doomed flight, said Malaysia Airlines was not at fault.

"I want justice to prevail but, above all, to prevent (such incidents) from recurring," said Amarpal.

Noriah Daud, 57, the mother of first officer Ahmad Hakimi Hanapi, said she was distraught over the way her son died, but would leave it to the authorities to investigate the disaster.

Don Kassim, a brother of stewardess Dora Shahila, said: "We need justice now. There was nothing wrong with the plane or the pilot or anything else, meaning someone shot the plane down. Whoever did it must pay.

"If they (investigators) find out who did it, the leaders must answer for these crimes. We must take the culprits to court, for the victims and all of us who lost loved ones."

He urged warring countries to take note of this incident and be careful of who they might be dragging into their war.

"Countries in conflict should know not to get others involved. Gone means gone; innocent lives can never be replaced.

"This should never happen again; innocent people should not be made to suffer," he added.

The first report into the crash of MH17 suggests a large number of high-energy objects penetrated the aircraft.

No evidence of technical fault, emergency or pilot error was found, according to Dutch investigators.