Klang Valley braces for water cut

KUALA LUMPUR - Although their taps are only supposed to run dry from today for two days, residents in the Klang Valley are not taking chances.

Besides storing as much water as they could, they are using it sparingly for fear of more waterless days in view of the dry spell. They are doing this despite assurances from the authorities that there would be scheduled water supply.

Sharifah Anwar, 43, of Taman Taming Jaya in Balakong, said the water rationing had burnt a hole in her pocket as her family had been having meals in restaurants and buying water for drinking.

"The water I have stored is not enough for my big family, so we decided to save that water for our daily showers and have our meals outside."

Housewife Vimleswari Vignesh, 51, of Taman Bukit Belimbing, also in Balakong, said her family was prepared for the worst as her area had faced frequent water disruptions over the past week.

"I have stored water in more than 10 containers for our daily use. Apart from my family of six, I have five dogs under my care.

"We need water to clean them and our house."

David Ng, a restaurant manager in Section 18, Petaling Jaya, said he had instructed his staff to save water in several water tanks as they could not take the risk of not having clean water supply.

"We have stored two large tanks of filtered water for cooking and one large tank for dish washing, just in case our water supply is cut.

"I am not sure if the water we have collected is sufficient to run our business. If it is not enough, we will be forced to close the restaurant."

Suhaizal Abd Rafar, 34, a hospital clerk who lives in Section 18, Petaling Jaya, said he bought several containers to store water for his family's use.

"Although our water supply has resumed, the pressure is very low.

"So, I remind my wife to make sure the water containers are always refilled."

Even those whose areas are not affected by the water cut are not taking any chances and have resorted to buying water containers to store water in their homes.

Shops selling pails and water containers in the Klang Valley have been enjoying brisk sales.

The water crisis has also brought out the generous side of Malaysians, who share their water supply with those in need.

Aeon Cheras Selatan shopping centre has been providing free water to all residents nearby every Saturday since Feb 22.

Its manager, Mimi Azura Abd Mutalib, said they offered 10 litres of water per person.

"We welcome the public to bring their containers to fill, from 10am to noon or 4pm to 6pm, every Saturday until the water crisis ends."

She said they also provided designated parking bays for those coming to take water.