Kuala Selangor: Pretty hues of sunset

It never occurred to me that I could capture a beautiful sunset in Selangor. The wild-goose chase that is part and parcel of my job as a photojournalist has somehow blunted my sensitivity towards the little gems around me. Or perhaps it was the haze that blurred everything?

So I did not really expect much when a friend suggested spending half a day in Kuala Selangor as I have been to the fishing village umpteen times. I brought my camera set along, nevertheless. I am just glad I have made it a habit to bring along my tools wherever I go, as the most beautiful sight could appear right in front of me when I least expect it.

I saw quite a number of fruit stalls just before reaching Kuala Selangor. There are varieties of mango, jambu air (water apple) and guava. That was a treat in itself.

Another highlight of that outing was meeting local fisherfolk who took us along with them to the river in their fishing boat. Because of that, it dawned on me that the scenery here is as good as what I can find overseas, if not better.

It was calm and serene on the waters, and quite soothing, as we waited for the sun to set. Caressed by the ocean breeze, the golden yellow orb started dipping towards the horizon. We slowly took in the sunset's splendour that gradually changed the colour of the sky from light blue to pretty pink, then to fiery red and finally to a deep velvet - a grand symphony of colours.

As if to compete for attention, the river was glowing in golden hues; its undulating ripples made the sight all the more dreamy.

After that wondrous sight, it was great to cap the night with another speciality of Kuala Selangor - the seafood. There are numerous restaurants serving delicious dishes all freshly cooked. I "walloped" (as we Malaysians like to say) my fill of salted deep-fried Mantis prawns.

It was a memorable outing that was not only a visual feast but also a culinary one!