Langkawi plane crash: House owners thankful family escaped injuries

LANGKAWI - The occupants of two houses in Kampung Gelam here which caught fire after an Indonesian Air Force plane crashed into one of them are thankful that they are unhurt.

Although his kitchen was destroyed and he lost a car and a motorcycle in the blaze, Mohd Rashidi Abu Mutalib, 40, was glad that his two daughters, aged eight and 19, were rescued by neighbours.

Mohd Rashidi, who works as a gardener, and his wife were both at work at the time of the incident at about 1.45pm yesterday.

He said a plane had crashed into the roof of the house next door, belonging to his brother Zulkeslee. The resulting explosion caused a fire, which spread to his kitchen.

Zulkeslee, also 40, said he was in the midst of changing a tyre of his 13-year-old son's bicycle at his house porch when he heard two loud explosions.

"I realised my house was on fire and ran out with my son. If the plane had crashed on the car porch, I cannot imagine what could have happened," the hotel worker said.

Zulkeslee said his wife and three other children were working at that time while two other children were at his mother's house nearby.

Meanwhile, the brothers' father Abu Mutalib Said, 74, fainted and was believed to have suffered a heart attack when he rushed from his house nearby to check on his children and grandchildren.

Mohd Rashidi said an ambulance rushed their father to the Langkawi Hospital.

"He is in stable condition now and is able to talk," he added.