Life raft-like object unlikely from missing aircraft

PORT DICKSON - A life raft-like object found by fishermen in the Malacca Straits on Tuesday afternoon is not from the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft, preliminary investigations have showed.

A source said the object was normally found in sea vessels.

"Based on preliminary investigations, we feel that the object is used by sea vessels and not in aircraft. But we can't conclude anything until we see it," he told The Star.

Earlier yesterday, a group of fishermen out at sea claimed that they had found what looked like a life raft some 10 nautical miles off the resort town here.

They claimed that they saw the life raft-like object with the words "Boarding" printed on it.

Fisherman Azman Mohamad, 40, said they immediately notified the authorities.

The fishermen managed to secure the object to their boat while waiting for the MMEA team but it sank because it was too heavy.