London slave was 'a cutie' in college

A group picture taken with her which appeared in a magazine.

KAJANG - Siti Aishah Abdullah Wahab was a "very cute girl" who was eyed by all the boys at the Technical College of Kuala Lumpur, said an ex-college mate.

Pip Ahmad Ibrahim, 73, said Siti Aishah was three years his junior during the 1963-64 college period, and she was in the quantity surveying department.

"She was a very cute girl, and was brilliant in her studies. Everybody wanted to date her," said Pip Ahmad, who studied architecture.

Siti Aishah is one of three women held for more than three decades by a cult-like Maoist sect led by Indian national Aravindan Balakrishnan and his partner Chanda Pattni, a Tanzanian national of Indian descent.

Unfortunately for all the boys, Siti Aishah only had eyes for one Omar Munir.

They were later engaged although the relationship broke off when the couple disagreed over her continued involvement in the Maoist group.

"They were stuck like leeches together. Others had to back off," said Pip Ahmad with a laugh.

Speaking to The Star at his residence in Kajang, he added that he was not very close to Siti Aishah and that he only spoke to her on several occasions.

He also said Siti Aishah's brother, Datuk Abdullah Bakri Wahab happened to be his boss, in his working life later on.

Pip Ahmad also showed various pictures of Siti Aishah in college magazines.

Siti Aishah was in the welfare and education committee of the Muslim students group in the college and was also on the editorial board of the publications committee and college magazine.

However, Pip Ahmad thought that the pictures of Siti Aishah which appeared in Britain's The Telegraph did not resemble the girl he knew.

"I was very sceptical when I saw the photograph because I thought it didn't really look like her, though the rounded cut of the face was similar," he said.

Like many others Pip Ahmad was shocked that Siti Aishah could have ended up as a slave.

However, another ex-college mate of Siti Aishah who did not want to be named, said he was not that shocked to hear about her predicament.

"I didn't know her that well, but I knew she went underground in the United Kingdom," said the college mate who was Siti Aishah's senior by three years.

He added that Siti Aishah was a well-behaved and sociable girl.

"There were not many girls around. In fact the college had 98 per cent boys. Any girl that came in was beautiful," he said.