Long wait at KL stations as trains are packed to the brim


KUALA LUMPUR - LRT stations were a sea of yellow and train carriages packed to the brim for most of the morning until early afternoon with commuters dressed in Bersih 4 T-shirts.

The stations were assembly points for many groups before they pushed and squeezed into the trains.

At noon, the train on the Kelana Jaya line arriving from its first stop was already full when it pulled up at the Taman Bahagia station.

At subsequent stops, the doors opened and closed without anyone being able to get on board.

A mother with three children who needed to go downtown to get their passports done, had to wait for four trains to pass before they managed to squeeze into one - with the encouragement of a commuter in the train shouting "Masuk masuk, make way for others".

A housewife, who wanted to be known only as Tan, 49, said the Asia Jaya station was filled with people wearing yellow T-shirts at about noon.

"I missed one train because one of the coaches was full. I am glad RapidKL did not disrupt the service because it would have affected non-participants of the rally."

She added that many riders had difficulty looking for parking as the bays were occupied.

Staff on duty at a station said traffic had been steadily growing since 8am with an estimated 70 per cent dressed in yellow and heading downtown.

"If only business was like this every day!" quipped one of them.

Many commuters came prepared with their MyRapid or Touch 'n Go cards while some had difficulty getting their tokens when paying by cash for their return journey.

Many were briefly stranded on their way home in the evening as the Masjid Jamek station had run out of tokens at some point.

According to a RapidKL spokesman, there were no major service disruptions at any of the LRT or monorail stations, while bus operations adhered to the scheduled road closures by police.

"We hope the crowd (this weekend) will remain calm and safe, and follow the rules and etiquette when embarking and disembarking public transport," he said yesterday.

Among the busiest was the Bandaraya station, which recorded 12,285 riders at 7.10pm.

At 8pm, the Masjid Jamek stop near Dataran Merdeka had recorded 31,299 riders.

While operations were generally smooth, the LRT Kelana Jaya line service was put on hold after an intruder entered the track area.

"However, the intruder was apprehended and the service resumed shortly," according to a MyRapid official Twitter account.

The spokesman also reaffirmed that RapidKL was prepared for the increase in riders during the weekend, with the deployment of four trains on the Ampang line and directly routing six trains to clear the crowd at the Pasar Seni station.