Loving couple die 3 days apart

PENANG - A loving couple who were married for 18 years died three days apart and were buried together in Jawi, Penang, China Press reported.

Hawker Lim Keng Hock, 52, died on Sunday while his wife Sit Kim Yue, 45, collapsed at her husband's wake service on Tuesday evening and died at the hospital.

Their funeral was held yesterday.

The couple left behind an 18-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son.

It was reported that Lim had died due to a heart attack while Sit, who was suffering from hypertension, is believed to have forgotten to take her medication while she was busy with her husband's funeral arrangements.

Their daughter Jia Yee said her mother was devastated after her father died.

Sit had told her earlier to be strong.