Mahathir's wife praises his cooking skills during chat with Siti Nurhaliza

Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Siti Hasmah, who have been married for over 60 years, are riding out the MCO together.
PHOTO: Instagram/chedetofficial

Singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza organised a fun, laidback chat session with Tun Dr Mahathir and wife Tun Siti Hasmah via Instagram Live on April 21.

The couple shared with the singer how they've been spending their time during the movement control order (MCO). For example, did you know Tun M is a good cook? Here are five interesting things we learned:

1. On their daily routine during MCO

"I've been spending time reading and writing. I've also been doing a lot of interviews," says the always active Tun M.

"And I make sure I exercise by going on a treadmill or an exercise bike every day. Time passes by very quickly and before you know it, it's dinner time."

Meanwhile Tun Siti shares: "I exercise in the morning to loosen my bones and muscles. I can't read anymore because my vision is not very good but what I can do is play my violin."

2. On one special quality Tun M sees in Tun Siti

"She's very tolerant of me. For many years, I'd be out the whole day, working till late at night. Sometimes, she'll ask me what I did for the day.

"There are some things that I can talk to her about, some things I can't. But she never gets suspicious of me ... When I was going to resign, I didn't tell her. She didn't know," shares Tun M.

Siti Nurhaliza caught up with Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Siti Hasmah on Instagram Live. PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/ctdk

3. On Tun M's cooking skills

"Once in a while, on weekends, he will cook his favourite dishes like nasi goreng. He likes to cook.

"His sister's a great cook. So he learned from her. He would even instruct our helper how to cook this and that," says Tun Siti.

4. On their favourite buka puasa must-haves

"I love breaking fast with pisang goreng and pengat pisang," says Tun Siti.

"I love cucur udang and popiah. I get so excited when I'm at Ramadan bazaars that I buy so many things but I can't finish them in the end," shares Tun M.

He later adds the month of Ramadan will be very different this year with the MCO in effect. He hopes Malaysians will continue the practice of social distancing during this time.

"We are still able to pray and fulfil our religious practices at home. We fast at home. We break our fast at home. We buy our food online, where there are many varieties of food available."

5. On their favourite song

Midway through the chat, the singer dedicated a song to the couple, Gubahanku, which turns out to be one of their favourite songs.

"Music is a form of therapy for a lot of people," Tun Siti adds after the performance.

"So when you're feeling stressed, go to your guitars, pianos or violins and play them," she advises.