Maid claims agent wants kidney for passport

An emotional Jayadevi leaving her employer's house accompanied by Kamalanathan.

PETALING JAYA - A foreign maid has alleged that her agent is demanding RM6,500 (S$2,520) or one of her kidneys in exchange for her passport to return home.

P. Jayadevi from Madurai in India is trying to go home after receiving news that her husband is ill but is stuck in Malaysia after the agent went missing with her passport and other travel documents.

"I have begged him to let me go home but he said if I want my passport I must pay RM6,500. He said if I could not find the money, I must sell my kidney to him," said the 47-year-old mother of three.

Jayadevi also accused the agent of hitting her on several occasions with a belt and withholding her RM2,400 salary.

"He said he would use the money to get a work permit for me but I have been told that it is a fake.

"He has also threatened me, saying that he would push me in front of a train or sell me as a prostitute if I keep asking about my pay," she said.

Fortunately for her, she was able to contact her family who brought her case to the human rights group, Malaysia Global Rescue Humanity.

Representatives of the group lodged a police report on her behalf at the Sea Park police station here yesterday.

The group's president, T. Kamalanathan, said the agent, also an Indian national, was well-known for his human trafficking activities and Jayadevi had saved herself by speaking out.

"I have come across several cases involving this man where employees were victimised," he said, adding that Jayadevi has worked in five different homes since arriving here on Feb 2 and was not paid.

Deputy Petaling Jaya OCPD Supt Fadil Marsus said Jayadevi would be taken to a hospital for treatment while the case was being investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code.

Meanwhile, a commotion broke out yesterday at the house where Jayadevi was working when the NGO escorted her to the police station.

Her employer argued that they needed her to stay and take care of an ill member of the family, while Kamalanathan chided the employer for hiring Jayadevi from a questionable source.