Malaysia condemns flag-burning incident in Philippines

PHOTO: The Star/ Asia News Network

PUTRAJAYA - Malaysia strongly condemns the burning of her flag in an incident in the Philippines last month.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry expressed concern over a controversial video published in the Facebook account of "President Pamatong Supporters" dated Jan 19 and 21.

"Malaysia strongly condemns the act and views the burning of the Malaysian flag as a serious incident.

"The flag is a sacred national symbol and should be treated with respect.

"The act and the anti-Malaysia comments made by this individual are offensive, and the accusations made are baseless," said Wisma Putra on Thursday (Feb 7).

Elly Pamatong is described as the self-proclaimed founder of the United States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East (USAFFE).

Pamatong is said to have burnt the Malaysian flag to protest the presence of Malaysian peacekeeping forces in Mindano.

Malaysia's Foreign Ministry called on the Philippines government to take stern action against Pamatong and to ensure such incidents do not recur as they could potentially tarnish the cordial bilateral relations both countries currently enjoy.