Malaysia DPM: Vital for all BN parties and allies to work together

KUALA LUMPUR - It is vital for all Barisan Na­­sional component parties and its allies to work together and gain the support of the people as the next four years will be challen­ging, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muh­yiddin Yassin.

Urging Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) to come up with a "wow factor" that would change the people's perception of Barisan, he said the coalition only won 133 seats in the last general election and popular votes dropped to 46.5% despite retaining the Federal Government.

Muhyiddin, who is also Barisan deputy pre­sident, said people were well informed these days, thanks to technology, thus they had higher expectations of the Government.

"The people now are not like before. Your sons and daughters are not like how you were 30 years ago.

"They are all well informed so we must work harder. Kimma, Umno and all parties must work harder," he said in his speech at the 38th Kimma convention yesterday.

Muhyiddin said all parties needed to come up with ideas which have the "wow factor" to captivate the people's interest and support.

"We must come up with the wow factor that will make people want to vote for us in the next election," he added.

On the Selangor political debacle, Muhyiddin said it should serve as a lesson for all.

It was the people in the state who were suffering due to the long-drawn drama, he said.

He said the Opposition, despite having qua­lified people on board, was unable to solve the upheaval that had plagued the state.

Such a crisis, he said, was a lesson to everyone, including Barisan.

"This is why we want to be better. We want to solve the problems of the people," he said.

Referring to the Selangor water crisis, Muh­yiddin said the Federal Government moved in to help resolve the problem with the signing of the memorandum of understanding for the Langat 2 project.

"That is what the Government is all about, which is to help the people," he said.