Malaysia flood victims wish they could fly the coop

Their home in Kuala Krai, Kelantan, was destroyed in the December floods, and they were given a tent by the government.

But the tent was too small.

So Ms Nur Jaslina Jaafar, 30, moved her family into a chicken coop owned by her sister-in-law, the New Straits Times reported.

The family of nine has been living in the coop for about a month now.

Ms Nur Jaslina said the chicken coop, measuring 54 sq m (bigger than a typical two-room flat), is sheltering her, her husband, Mohd Zain Che Man, 30, her mother-in-law, Esah Ibrahim, 71, and the couple's six children aged between one and 10.

She told New Straits Times that the tent provided by the government was "too small and uncomfortable, especially for the children".

"The coop was used by my sister-in-law to rear chickens and it is now empty as all the poultry had been sold before the floods," she said.

"We had a tough time cleaning the mud and rubbish before it was fit to live in. We get electricity and clean water from my sister-in- law's house nearby."

She said the coop is big enough for the children to play in. "But, we have to endure flies. There is also no privacy."

She said her family is uncertain about their future. They have to move out soon because her sister-in-law wants to use the coop again.

Ms Nur Jaslina said Mercy Malaysia had agreed to build a temporary home for them but she was unsure when it would be ready.

She said: "We had a piece of land and we hope the authorities will assist us in building a house on the plot as we have no financial means to do so."

This article was first published on February 25, 2015.
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