Malaysia floods: Help on the way for stranded animals

PETALING JAYA - Non-human victims of the ravaging floods in the country have not been forgotten.

Many animal lovers have formed groups to help save cats, dogs and other animals stranded in flood water, especially in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak.

Some of these animals are strays, while many others are pets which were left behind by their owners when they evacuated to relief centres.

Muhammad Razeef Che Samah is among the animal rescuers heading for the flood ravaged areas.

Together with several volunteers, the 25-year-old who is attached to S.I. Home Shelter in Shah Alam, will be going to Kemaman, Pekan and the nearby areas.

Through his extensive network of social media friends and donations from concerned people, the group has managed to prepare 1,000kg of kibbles for the animals.

He said the group also received help from the Kiko Food Bank community which donated cat and dog food.

"We will leave by land the latest tomorrow to begin our mission," he said when contacted yesterday.

He said the aid collected for rescuers in Kelantan would be flown by an Air Force plane to be distributed to animal rescuers there.

"Once we reach the affected areas, we will distribute the kibbles to the rescue teams there and help to relocate the animals which are in danger.

"We have managed to secure a temporary shelter for the rescued animals in Chukai," he said, adding that the group would also donate kibbles to pet owners who brought their pets to evacuation centres.

In another development, the Save East Coast group which was set up during last year's flood has been revived.

Its coordinator Tengku Nor Azah Tengku Mahmood said her small team, comprising family members and friends, are continuously sending boxes filled with supplies and basic necessities to the flood victims.

"We are catching every Firefly flight out. As and when they have extra cargo space, we are pushing our boxes through.

"The military is helping us too, and are waiting to receive the boxes on the other end," Nor Azah said when contacted.

The Kelantan born and bred is urging the public to donate generously to ease the burden faced by the victims.

She said the group has prepared a list of things that are most needed by the victims to guide those interested to donate.

Nor Azah can be reached via her Save East Coast Facebook page or handphone at 014 264 6004.