Malaysia floods: I'm not kidding, I'll care for them, says 11-year-old girl

DUNGUN - Like Mary and her little lamb, young Fatin Ridzuan had a pet goat which followed her everywhere she went.

When the floods hit her village of Kampung Pengkalan Jering here and killed her beloved pet, it broke the 11-year-old girl's heart.

However, the spunky girl is determined to not let the incident haunt her, and she will now keep her eye on her two kids, the offsprings of her favourite pet.

The two kids now stay indoors and stay under her watch all the time, said Ridzuan Ali, Fatin's father.

With their house still filled with water, Fatin and her eight-year-old cousin Ariff Abdullah can be seen playing in a boat with the two kids.

"This one is called Mohammad while this one is Ahmad," said Fatin, while feeding one of the kids with milk through a bottle.

"I want to take good care of these kids until they grow up," said the Primary Five student.

Ridzuan said their village had been flooded for more than two weeks, although conditions were improving now.

"The water was at waist level when the flood first came, now it is only at ankle level. The inside of the house is no longer flooded, but we still need to use a boat to get to the main road from our house," he said.

Dungun is the second worst flood-hit district in Terengganu after Kemaman.