Malaysia govt mulling flexi working scheme

PUTRAJAYA: Both male and female civil servants can opt for the flexible working arrangement should the Government decide to implement the scheme.

The intention was to allow better career family balance, said Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Karim.

She added that even male staff should be given the option so that they could play an active role in contributing to quality family life.

Rohani said her ministry was carrying out a pilot project on the flexi­ble working arrangement for three months.

"Those who sign up for it could opt to either work from home, work flexi hours or take on a modified-compressed work week," she said.

To date, 65 officers have applied to work under the arrangement. Of the number, 45 are women.

Nine chose to work from home, 31 for the flexi hours and 25 for the modified compressed work week.

"If the result is encouraging, we will propose the arrangement to be implemented at other ministries and also to the private sector," said Rohani after attending the ministry's monthly gathering yesterday.

Under the flexi hours arrangement, employees can clock in any time as long as they fulfil the 38 hours and 30 minutes a week requirement. However, they must be at the office during the crucial hours of 10am to 3.30pm.

The modified compressed work week means the staff could work the required hours within his choice of work days.

Rohani said the ministry was monitoring closely those who signed up for the arrangement to prevent abuse.

"They can also opt out should they feel the programme does not suit their needs," she said.

"There are many who are interested, but they want to see how their colleagues fare before they sign up.

"We believe this is a good arrangement that can help increase output because employees are happy."