Malaysia to have new national branding slogan 'Endless Possibilities'

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia will soon have a new branding slogan to promote the country as a leisure and business destination and to complement the 1Malaysia concept.

Its prime minister said the slogan "Endless Possibilities" would be part of the national branding effort.

"We are going to promote it as part of our national branding," Najib Tun Razak told reporters after attending the Prime Minister's Department Ramadan open house event.

Together with the 1Malaysia badge, Najib has been wearing a button with a design that looks like a starburst in red, yellow and white against a blue background, bearing the word "Malaysia" underneath.

Sources familiar with the initiative confirmed that the launch of the new slogan has been slated for September 17.

Najib denied an online report that the new theme was coined to replace his "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" slogan, which was introduced when he took office in 2009.

"It (the branding slogan) is to complement 1Malaysia, not to replace it," he stressed.

A news portal published a report that Najib is to launch a new branding approach for Malaysia aimed at galvanising Malaysians after the fractious 13th general election.

The report claimed that the new slogan was to replace the 1Malaysia concept.

While attending the World Economic Forum in Davos early this year, Najib used the "Endless Possibilities" tagline to promote Malaysia as an investment and tourism destination.

The tagline had been used for advertisements, which also highlighted efforts to bring about changes under the economic and government transformation programmes.