Malaysia Health Minister: Treated water supply safe for consumption

PUTRAJAYA - Tests have shown that treated water supply in Selangor is safe for consumption and does not contain elements dangerous to the people's health, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

This is based on periodic laboratory tests conducted by the ministry to monitor the quality of treated water provided to consumers.

The last check was conducted two weeks ago.

"The responsibility to monitor raw water quality comes under the DOE (Department of Environment) and, for Selangor, Luas (Selangor Water Management Authority).

"However, our ministry would continuously conduct checks on water from treatment plants (and), so far we have no issues in terms of the content (of the water).

"I am still waiting for the latest results, which will be available in two weeks, especially for issues related to (the) metal (content)," Dr Subramaniam said in a press conference here yesterday.

He was responding to a report in an English daily which claimed that water containing toxins from several mining ponds might have been channelled into Sungai Selangor as a measure to mitigate the water crisis in the state.

Dr Subramaniam said various elements in the content of treated water supply were tested, including for the presence of germs, bacterial, chemical and metal content.