Malaysia highway crash: Driver was asked not to speed

SINGAPORE - With the recent incident of a bus plunging into a ravine near Genting Highlands in mind, the Singapore group travelling on Karak Highway on Wednesday had asked their bus driver not to speed.

However, an accident involving the tour bus with the Singaporeans on board, an express bus carrying 13 passengers and a trailer lorry took place at the 31.5km mark of the Karak Expressway, known for its winding roads and steep slopes, reports The Straits Times.

A fourth vehicle - a car with two people inside - crashed into a divider after its driver lost control as he tried to avoid running into the heavy vehicles.

A Singapore woman has died from severe injuries following Wednesday's accident.

Madam Tham Choy Chan, 74, was among a group of 25 Punggol residents who were returning to Singapore from Genting Highlands in the tour bus.

She was taken to Kuala Lumpur Hospital in a critical condition after sustaining head and other injuries, and died early yesterday morning.

Apart from the Singaporeans, seven other people were hurt in Wednesday's accident.

This is the second accident involving Singaporean tourists in just over a month.

More recently, on Aug 21, a bus with 53 people on board plunged into a ravine near Genting Highlands, killing 37 people, including the driver.

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