Malaysia irate at sneering Canadian

A Canadian man has raised the ire of Malaysian Internet users after he posted a group photo of a group of tourists in various states of undress on the top of Mount Kinabalu and insulted Sabah residents.

When advised to show respect to the local customs and culture by a commenter on Facebook, travel website Monkeetime founder Emil Kaminski replied by saying "f*** your culture".

Mr Kaminski, on Monkeetime's Twitter page, also called Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Masidi Manjun an "idiot" and "not a minister of tourism".

The tweet was copied and retweeted on Mr Masidi's Twitter page.

Mr Kaminski wrote on Facebook: "Oh, Malaysia, why are your politicians so stupid.

"Some deranged p**** has linked earthquakes and mountaintop nudity.

"Well, apparently I am responsible for the 2015 Nepal quake, and whatever incoming quakes in Canada (as well as Thailand, India, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, and a variety of other countries...)," he said, while posting a picture of him exposing his naked behind at various other mountain tops.

He also poked fun at making amends for exposing himself on top of Mount Kinabalu, reported The Star.


Mr Kaminski also wrote that he believes in having some "decency laws", but did not see the harm in nude photos being taken on a "remote mountaintop".

He adds that he takes his "butt photos" in remote places where hardly anyone sees him.

Mr Masidi is not amused by Mr Kaminkski's online antics, reported news channel Astro Awani.

The minister responded to Mr Kaminski's taunts by retweeting his post and said "it takes a monkey to call another person a monkey."

When asked if he planned to file a police complaint against his Twitter critic, Mr Masidi told Malay Mail that he is too civilised to "stoop to his level" and argue with him.

But hundreds of angry Sabahans did comment on Mr Kaminski's Facebook post, lashing out with vulgarities and some even threatening violence.

Facebook user Danny K.C. Heng also posted a screenshot of flight details with the name Emil Kaminski, detailing a flight from Tawau, a town in Sabah, to Kuala Lumpur and later to Taipei on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, one of the foreign tourists from a group of 10 wanted by police for stripping and urinating on top of Mount Kinabalu on May 30 was arrested yesterday.

Sabah CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Sallehuddin Abdul Rahman confirmed the arrest of a 38-year old European who was trying to leave for the Philippines after arriving from Tawau yesterday.

The man was arrested while trying to take a flight out of the Kota Kinabalu's low-cost terminal in Tanjung Aru after arriving from Tawau.

Mr Sallehuddin said they would record his statement before taking the next course of action.

This article was first published on June 9, 2015.
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