Malaysia nabs one of 5 brothers notorious for Sabah cross-border kidnappings

KOTA KINABALU - Security forces have captured one of the five Muktadir brothers who are notorious for cross-border kidnappings in Sabah over the past year.

Police intensified their hunt for the brothers about two months ago and increased their surveillance of boats coming in from the southern Philippines.

Their hard work paid off early this week when police spotted a vessel trying to sneak into Semporna from Sitangkai Island in the Philippines, said a source.

Details remain sketchy at the moment but the boat was intercepted during a dusk to dawn sea curfew and all onboard were arrested.

As the foreigners were being taken into custody, one of the brothers named Nikson, was identified.

Married, with one child, Nikson used to live with his family at the Bangau Bangau water village in Semporna.

He is an expert boatman who knows the waters off Semporna well and has worked at some of the nearby island resorts.