Malaysian air force sets up 5-men team to probe Friday's crash

KUALA SELANGOR, Malaysia - A five-men investigation board has been set up by the Air Force to probe the cause of the crash of one of its planes on Friday.

However, the airmen face yet another conundrum - getting the crashed CN235 twin-engine plane out of the swampy Taman Malawati Jaya beach.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said that getting the plane out was the first priority before a probe could start.

He said the board would be led by an officer of the rank of Colonel and four others from engineering, piloting and medical backgrounds.

RMAF deputy chief Datuk Seri Affendi Buang said the air force was studying methods on how to remove the plane, which he said was now lodge in an earthy concoction of "neither water or sand".

"It will take a lot of logistics. We have to determine whether to remove the wreckage by sea, ground or air lift. The situation on the grund is a bit complex," he said.

Lt Gen Affendi explained that the CN235 plane was part of a fly-past rehearsal for RMAF's squadron colours ceremony on Monday.

He said the plane was bought in 2003 and had no history of technical glitches until Friday.

"We were doing a rehearsal, they were in a holding pattern before the run for the fly-past. That incident happened during the holding pattern.