Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission wants full disclosure of all political funding

Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission wants full disclosure of all political funding
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PETALING JAYA - The Malaysian Anti Corrup­tion Commission (MACC) wants full disclosure of all funding received by political parties and for their accounts to be audited an­­nually or at any time for the purpose of mo­­nitoring.

"This is to ensure transparency of any party and individual. Some people do not perceive certain political parties in good light because of the nature of their funding.

"In this case, it is important for political par­ties to always build a positive public perception," it said in a statement here yesterday.

Welcoming the Prime Minister's announcement for a national consultative committee on political funding, MACC said this was in line with its own recommendations for donations to be only deposited directly into the party accounts and not the private account of any trustee.

Full disclosure, it said, would also prevent a politician being probed for bribery to give the excuse that the funds he received and deposited into a private account were for the party when he had no documentation or evidence to prove otherwise.

"For those political funds given directly to any individual, they must obtain the written approval of the party heads and the money involved must have no direct relation to the official duties of both the recipient and do­­nor," it said.

All members of both state and federal governments, said MACC, should also declare any manner of funds or gifts received.

MACC consultation and prevention panel chairman Tan Sri Johan Jaafar said full transparency in political funding was key to eradicating corruption.

"The public has always demanded transparency in this area for there have always been perceptions on how political parties and election campaigns are funded," he said.

The panel, added Johan, welcomed the move to monitor and regulate political funding through necessary reforms and laws, adding that the move was vital and timely.

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