Malaysian boy's hilarious reaction to prank delights Twitter users

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter

A six-year-old prankster in Malaysia got a taste of his own medicine when he found himself on the receiving end of a jump scare by his aunts.

A video of the prank capturing the boy's hilarious reaction was posted on Twitter on Jan 5, has since gone viral, chalking up 27,500 retweets and 344,200 views at the time of writing.

The boy's aunt Ain Sabrina Yusof recounted the incident in an interview with mStar.

One night, her nephew came knocking on the door of the room she shared with her sister. Although both of them had already climbed into bed with face masks on, they decided to play a prank on him.

"We called him in after the fourth time. I was on standby (with my mobile phone) while my sister pointed a flashlight at her face."

The boy tried to open the door several times. Ain later unlocked the door and left it slightly ajar.

Hilarity ensued as the boy pushed the door open, completely unaware of what he was about to see.

He stopped mid-sentence upon seeing his aunt's ghastly appearance, jumping back with a scream and a look of utter horror on his face. The boy scuttled backwards and whimpered, much to the delight of his aunts.

Despite the shock, he didn't cry or throw a fuss, which earned Ain's praise for his guts.

"He's a naughty kid, he loves to kid around with us sisters. He likes to scare us from behind or from the kitchen," she adds.

The boy's scandalised expression had netizens bowling over in laughter. Many Twitter users replied to the post with screenshots of his face, writing: "I can hear this tweet" and "What is this?".