Malaysian comedian will keep on sharing pics of kids on social media


PETALING JAYA - The pornographic website that published photos of Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander and his son is said to be a "fairly new" site based in the United States.

The website was brought to Harith's attention when he received a notification on his name being used on the website from Google Alerts yesterday.

He has since lodged a report with the police and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

"I was told that whoever opened up the site opened it in the States and stole pictures of my son and children of other celebrities," Harith told The Star Online Wednesday.

Harith described the discovery as "weird and disconcerting".

"It was very normal, non sexual photos of my baby boy and me. And it was placed among all the pornographic pictures.

"My wife is very upset. When I told her, I could see all the thoughts running through her mind. She was really riling," he said.

Harith said that while the website posed no real threat to his son or anyone else, the incident highlights the lack of laws to prosecute offenders that prey on children.

"We don't have stringent enough laws on child sex and child pornography. And paedophilia is also taken lightly," he said.

He said that he is grateful for the attention his post has generated since publishing the news on his Facebook page on Wednesday evening.

His post has since received over 5,000 shares and close to 3,000 likes.

But Harith said that he wants to bring to light the many more serious cases of child pornography on the Internet.

"Just because it is not in our face, doesn't mean that it's not there," he said.

"There are so many cases of paedophilia that goes unreported or nothing is done about it. That needs to change," he added.

But despite this incident, Harith said that he would not stop sharing photos of his children on social media.

"I will not cower down by this incident and lock my child behind closed doors and not reveal anything about them," he said.