Malaysian cops told to probe viral sex video 'starring' minister look-a-like

PETALING JAYA - Video clips of a man resembling a Cabinet minister engaging in sexual acts with another man set social media on fire, with police being asked to investigate.

Three video clips, lasting about a minute-and-a-half each, and photographs of the act went viral on WhatsApp.

The videos showed two naked men engaging in intimate acts on a bed.

The man said to look like the minister was lying face down, while the other was hugging and kissing him from behind.

The other clip showed the man, who was lying on his back, turning over where he received oral sex from the other man. Screencaps of a conversation between the two were also included in the video.

An audio clip lasting about five minutes, in which a man could be heard talking about wanting to perform sexual acts to the other, also spread fast.

Umno supreme council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam lodged a report at the Putrajaya police headquarters at about 3pm yesterday, calling for a full investigation to be conducted.

"The police should investigate the authenticity of the video, who has been spreading it and also identify the actors," he said, adding that the "acting was not very good".

Asked if he could identify the two men in the clips, he said: "One looks just like a politician. I don't know who but I believe you all already know who he resembles."

Lokman said if he shared the video on his smartphone with the media he could be hauled up for doing so.

In Putrajaya, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he had not heard of the spread of the video clips and photos.

"I do not know anything. I have just heard (from you), I would have to read up on it.

"If you are willing to do a briefing for me, that would be good," the Prime Minister said in reply to a question at a press conference after chairing the Economic Action Council meeting.