Malaysian crime watch acti­vist finds three live bullets in mail

KUALA LUMPUR - Crime watch acti­vist R. Sri Sanjeevan, who went into a coma last July after an unknown assailant shot him, said he received three live bullets in the mailbox of his family home in Bahau, Negri Sembilan.

His brother was getting the house ready for an evening campaign function when he found three 9mm Luger bullets at around 10.45am yesterday.

Sanjeevan, who is contesting for a PKR Youth vice-president post in the party polls, said he had returned to the house at 4am after a late night political event on Friday.

"Before that, my whole family had been out celebrating my mother's birthday. There was no one at home. I suspect that was when the bullets were planted," added Sanjeevan, who is chairman of the Malaysian Crime Watch task force (MyWatch).

Jempol OCPD Supt Hamzah Alias confirmed the incident, adding that the bullets had been collected for investigation.

Sanjeevan went into a two-month coma when a motorcycle pillion rider shot him while he stopped his car at a traffic lights junction in Bahau on July 23 last year. The bullet pierced his right arm and lung.

About eight hours before the incident, he had reportedly received a gun threat.

Sanjeevan had allegedly linked the incident to the police and accused them of stalling investigations into the matter.

He had tweeted that his family received threats after he said he was going to expose a police officer's son with links to drug racketeers.

To date, Bukit Aman has yet to reveal any progress into the investigations of the shooting incident.