Malaysian family of five kicked out of rented room, forced to live in car for 10 days

PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

KLANG, Malaysia - A family of five lived in their car for almost 10 days, after they were thrown out of their rented room by their housemates.

Ahmad Zaini Mohd Zainuddin, 39, said trouble ensued between him and a few other tenants after they were caught trying to misbehave with his 14-year-old daughter.

He added the other tenants, mostly foreigners, started giving his family trouble until they bundled some clothes into a box and fled the place located in Sungai Udang near here.

"I had no choice as my daughters, aged 18,14 and 11, and I were frightened that they may be harmed," he said.

Ahmad Zaini's wife Noresah Mohammad, 38, is also six months pregnant.

Their eldest daughter is now living with friends, whilst the rest of the family lived in their car parked at the Pandamaran Sports Complex carpark.

To make matters worse, said Ahmad Zaini, he also lost his job at a junkyard after his employer, a Rohingya refugee, had a run in with the authorities for conducting the business without a valid permit.

Luckily for them, the Selangor Zakat Centre provided them a flat to stay in Port Klang on Thursday (Aug 29).

However, said Ahmad Zaini, the family has no money to buy food and have been starving for over a day.

His youngest son was also running a temperature.

"I cannot leave them starving and ill like this and go off to look for a job," said Ahmad Zaini, adding that he knows welding and repair work.

His school-going children have also been missing school since the family was rendered homeless.

Meanwhile, a non-governmental organisation, Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII), has come forward to help Ahmad Zaini.

Its director, Firoza Burhan, said the family's immediate needs will be taken care of by CDII.

"But they need groceries as well as funds to see them through for at least a few months, until Ahmad Zaini is able to settle into a job to make ends meet," said Firoza.

She said the family also needed basic furniture, as they were currently living in an empty house.

"They don't even have a mattress or pillows," she said.

She urged Malaysians to come forward to help the family guided by the spirit of national unity.

"He needs us and we have to be there for him," said Firoza.

Those who want to help the family can write to