Malaysian girl with 12-word name sparks fervent discussion on social media

PHOTO: Pixabay

PUTRAJAYA - A year-old girl with the longest name in the country made it into the record books but some people are raising concerns over what happens when she grows up.

Princess Aura Nurr Emily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zendra binti Mohd Sufian is her name and she was born last year.

Excluding "binti" which means daughter of, the name is made up of 63 characters and 12 words.

Princess Aura erased the previous record held by Nur Fathaniah Tariyah Karimah Farwizah Zahabiyah Syahirah Binti Airol Anizam in 2004.

News of Princess Aura's name has sparked numerous reactions on social media. Most of those who reacted were either bewildered or amused.

On The Star Online Facebook page, many users expressed sympathy for the child.

One pointed out that Princess Aura would have difficulty filling up her full name in official documents.

"Have fun filling up your name as per your IC ... for the rest of your life," wrote Facebook user Isaac Liew.

Others tried to put themselves in Princess Aura's parents' shoes and made their own guesses as to how the name came about.

Gary Xie on Facebook said: "When you shortlisted names for baby girls and can't decide which one to use."

Nurul Aizza asked: "So which one is she, a Princess or a fairy Bidadari?"

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On Twitter, some commenters were more sympathetic towards Princess Aura's future husband, who will have to ensure he could recite her full name during the wedding solemnisation ceremony.

Good luck akad nikah! (wedding solemnisation), tweeted @Hisyam1700.

Mohammad Razin also revealed at the 2018 National Registration Day celebration of other interesting facts about names registered with the department.

He said the top three most popular male names were "Ismail, Ahmad and Abdullah".

Ismail is registered to 72,157 people, while Ahmad and Abdullah to 57,914 and 47,989 individuals, respectively.

The most popular female name is Fatimah (74,605 individuals), followed by Zainab (41,450) and Azizah (34,414).