Malaysian immigration officer transferred after videos of her beating foreign detainee go viral

The Star

A female immigration officer who allegedly beat a foreign detainee is now under investigation.

Three videos uploaded onto Facebook showing the woman punching and kicking the man have gone viral, with one of them garnering over 400,000 views.

The Immigration Department director-general, Datuk Seri Sakib Kusmi, said the officer has been transferred out of the enforcement unit to the administration unit of Negri Sembilan's immigration department.

"The Immigration Department of Malaysia will conduct a detailed investigation on the case.

"If the outcome of the investigation finds the officer guilty of breaching regulations as a civil servant, the department will not hesitate to take disciplinary action," he said in a press statement on Friday (April 29).

Crime watchdog MyWatch's chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan uploaded the three videos on his Facebook page separately on Monday and Tuesday.

The videos showed the woman attacking the foreigner as another man, presumably also an immigration officer, reads through documents given to them by the foreigner earlier on.

Two other foreign men were seen sitting on the floor watching the assault.