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Malaysian man allegedly owes loansharks in Singapore $3,000, runners set fire to Malacca home with petrol bombs

Malaysian man allegedly owes loansharks in Singapore $3,000, runners set fire to Malacca home with petrol bombs
Loanshark runners threw petrol bombs into a Malaysian family's home, and left a note threatening to kidnap them.
PHOTO: Facebook/山鸡起義 LKM 3771

A Malaysian family has been living in fear after they were harassed by loansharks from Singapore who tossed petrol bombs into their home in Malacca and started a fire.

A man in the family is suspected of getting into trouble with the loansharks while working in Singapore, reported China Press. 

Li Kai Ming, a social activist in Malaysia told the Chinese daily that he received a call for help from the man's ex-wife about two weeks ago. 

The loansharks had obtained her address in Malacca and were harassing the family for money. 

The woman, who also works in Singapore, told Li that the loanshark runners threw two petrol bombs into the home in the wee hours of the night, which caused a fire in the front yard.

They were targeting her ex-husband, who allegedly owe them $3,000. He, however, has denied it. 

On Sunday (June 9), Li posted a video of the fire on his Facebook page, which showed the house's front yard and a car parked there ablaze. 

He also spoke to the woman's mother, who lives there with her husband, her daughter and five grandchildren aged one to 18. 

"I heard the sound of an explosion when I was sleeping in the room," said the elderly woman. "When I opened the curtains, I saw that the car was on fire." 

She said her neighbours helped her and her husband put out the fire, adding that no one was hurt. 

However, the loanshark runners reportedly returned the next day and left a handwritten note on the gate. It read: "Call us immediately to settle the situation, the next time we'll abduct you." 

There were also two Singapore-registered mobile numbers on the note.

Li told China Press that the family had previously paid the loansharks a sum of money to resolve the matter, but the latter denied receiving any payment and continued harassing them. 

In his Facebook post, Li wrote that he has appealed to Malaysian authorities for help on behalf of the family. 

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