Malaysian militant in IS beheading video described as a loner

Isolated neighbourhood: Muhamad Wanndy’s home in Kampung Bukit Tambun in Durian Tunggal, Alor Gajah. Police seized several items from the militant’s house.

MALACCA - Muhamad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi has been described as a loner who hardly mingled with his neighbours since his family moved to a village in Jalan Bukit Tambun, Durian Tunggal, six years ago.

One of his neighbours said the 25-year-old kept to himself and would not even greet anyone.

He said the last time the neighbours saw Muhamad Wanndy was during last year's Hari Raya but as usual he isolated himself and did not want to mix with the neighbours.

Police said his wife Nor Mahmudah Ahmad, 26, made the trip to Syria with him to join the Islamic State militants on Feb 26.

In a Facebook posting, Muhamad Wanndy himself admitted that he was a loner.

"Ten years ago, I was the blacklisted kid in my kampung. Parents would not allow their children to be friends with me. 'Yes, I was naughty, bad'," he wrote, adding that he now had many friends.

The neighbour said they only knew that Muhamad Wanndy was involved with militants when police vehicles came to the village about three weeks ago.

"At first, we thought police officers were investigating a crime but we were shocked to watch the video footage of the brutal beheading with Muhamad Wanndy in the footage," the neighbour said.

The neighbour also said police officers seized several items from the militant's house.

He said Muhamad Wanndy's family had moved there six years ago and both his parents died some time ago.

The area around the home is overgrown with lallang and it looks unkempt. The neighbour said even the elder brother was often not home.