Malaysian MP takes activist to task over X'mas greeting

PETALING JAYA - Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan has slammed Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) activist Abu Ameen for reportedly saying that Malays should not wish Christians "Merry Christmas" and celebrate with them.

Umno's Kota Belud MP tweeted that he would continue to wish Christians "Merry Christmas" and will have a bigger Christmas celebration in his constituency this year.

"ISMA says I can't greet my fellow Christian friends "Merry Christmas". Well, I want to say it anyway -> Merry Christmas everyone. #1Malaysia.

"Not only I wish big Merry Xmas to all, I will host a bigger Christmas celebration this year in KB. ISMA is invited to learn abt moderation," Abdul Rahman tweeted early Tuesday.

He posted two more tweets, saying that Isma was not his voice and did not represent him and the many millions of Muslims in Malaysia.

"In Sabah, we are taught to be moderate & respect family members & friends who are non Muslim. ISMA will never understand this. So butt out!" he tweeted.

His followers showed their support by re-tweeting and replying to his tweets.

"@mpkotabelud ISMA who? Oh yea, the minority voice but given unnecessary publicity and attention," tweeted Umar Razak, @umarrazak2.

Laisan Haji Sain, @laisansain tweeted, "Not only seeing moderation, let ISMA see the real 1Malaysia concept in KB @mpkotabelud. We are proud being truly MALAYSIAN."

"@mpkotabelud just as we all look forward to hari raya aidilfitri, deepavali and CNY... the same goes for Christmas. We are in this together!" tweeted David Chiam, @davidchiam.

On Monday, MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon said Non-Muslims were not desperate for festive greetings from Isma.

Chong was commenting on the statement by Abu and said the remark suggested that Isma had a "siege mentality" that the Christians or non-Muslims were stepping on the toes of Muslims or Isma.

He said MCA Youth would still convey to Isma blessings for peace not only during Christmas but every day.